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Jeep Cherokee A Sports Utility Vehicle that has a legacy built on the strong broad shoulders of one of the most recognizable name in the world, Jeep. The Cherokee tag was attached to a sportier version of the Jeep Wagoneer when it was first introduced in 1974. The Cherokee shared almost everything with the Wagoneer, including dimensions and engine choices. The main differences between the two were that the Cherokee was initially available only as a two-door, with the same wheelbase and length as the Wagoneer, and the Cherokee cost less than the more luxurious Wagoneer. A four-door Cherokee soon joined the lineup in 1977.

In 1984, the Cherokee had a major surgery and came out looking nothing like its predecessor, save its name. A shorter wheel- base and overall length combined with a much lighter weight of around 3,100 pounds went a long way toward better fuel mileage and easier maneuverability, on-road or off. Two-door and four-door body styles were offered. The design for the new Cherokee was chiseled and rigid, with burly wheel well flares and a tall greenhouse that provided good visibility for driver and passengers alike. Trim levels consisted of the base Cherokee, more luxurious Pioneer and the sporty Chief.

The Cherokee's force came in the form of either four- or six-cylinder power. The 2.5-liter four engine inhaled its fuel and air through a one-barrel carburetor and made 105 horsepower. The optional, 2.8-liter, two-barrel V6 produced but 115 horses. Although these powerplants were adequate, serious thrust for the Cherokee was a still a few years away. More generations came and more power was provided. By year 2001 the last of its tribe met its demise and a legend was gone.

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