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Jaguar XJR The XJR embodies the ultimate expression of Jaguar luxury saloon car engineering, mixing the ultra-modern with the essence and legacy of Jaguar, This is the new XJR. Combining aircraft technology-developed aluminum shell casing that is 40% lighter and also 60% stiffer than its precursor with the huge energy of a 298kW 4.2 V8 with six-speed transmission and you can foresee pure exhilaration. Air suspension, with enhanced Computer Active Technology Suspension (CATS), provides amazing traction with exceptional ride comfort. Luxury high performance proceeds to a new dimension with the all-new XJR.

Lightweight and frisky, the Jaguar XJR is to luxury sports car what the Concorde is to the airline industry. Jaguar didn't need to print an overview or a press release to explain the designs of the XJR. The shape is intuitively well proportioned, and, despite gaining some real, practical, people-cosseting and cargo-hauling accommodations, so is the driving experience.

A splendid progress on the lineup, the new XJR is the luxury sports sedan Jaguar looked-for for years. The preceding sedan was too compressed inside and showed every year of its age compared to the high-tech, upper-echelon competition in the prestige segment. While inadequacies tainted the previous elegantly designed car, the aluminum-intensive new XJR glistens. The supercharged engine is smooth, quiet, and robust. Being deceptively quick, the XJR is a great temptation to disregard the well-being of your driver's license. Tremendous torque forever tempts right-foot indulgence, promising the rewards of muscle car-caliber acceleration from any speed. The ride is surprisingly supple allowing the driver to feel the weight, traction, and feedback from the massive paws.

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