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Jaguar XJ8

Just like any other automobile manufacturer, Jaguar Cars Company has studied carefully how to sustain the existence of its vehicle products within the taste of the increasing population of car aficionados and the growing automotive industry. For nearly a century a now, Jaguar Cars has never stopped innovating and eventually became one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of premium sedans and sports cars. Together with these developed, distinctive, beautiful, stylish and flexible Jaguar cars is the production of durable, state-of-the-art, reliable and high-standard Jaguar parts to support the dynamic needs of the cars. And with the excellence of the company all the series have received outstanding performance and style.

As part of the XJ series that offers luxurious amenities and powerful engines, the Jaguar XJ8 was introduced in 1997 as a replacement for the XJ6 and the XJ12.

The XJ series joined the Jaguar lineup in 1968 as an entry to the luxury sedan class. It was first offered in two trims: the XJ6 and the XJ12. From the start of the series, the XJ was already providing power with three engine variations: 2.8 L (2790 cc/170 in³) and 4.2 L (4235 cc/258 in³) for the XJ6 and the 5.3-litre V12 engine for the XJ12 that was introduced in 1972. The second wave of the XJ series debuted in 1973 possessing the same 5.3-litre V12 engine for the XJ12 but with the additional coupe that is already considered as a collector's item today for its rarety.

The XJ series three came in 1979 with an electronic fuel injection that replaced the carburettors. The coupe was no longer manufactured and a total of 132,952 Series III cars were built, 10,500 with the V12 engine untill production ended in 1989.

Just before the XJ8, Jaguar added a new model under XJ series, the XJ40. It was meant to replace the XJ6 but it the launching was delayed due to several problems that occurred along the way. The addition of X300 gave a new definition to the XJ series which eventually gave birth to the XJ8 in 1997. During this time the production of XJ6 and the XJ12 was stopped to fully market the V8 engine under the hood of the XJ8. The new XJ8 was powered by the 3.2 litre engine that can produce 240hp. The standard 4 liter has 290hp. And the XJR that was introduced in 2004 can produce a whopping 390bhp.