Jaguar XJ12 Parts & Accessories


Growling in full might with the powerful 4.2-liter V8, Jaguar Xj12 comes in five unique trims packed with load of features for optimum performance, convenience and style. Each make has its own distinct identity which can match the varied auto style preferences of car aficionados and users irregardless of their location and generation. In just one glance no one can help but be impressed by the sporty contours and lines running along its body. Jaguar was put under the management of Ford in the year 1989. Even on its first production, amazed reactions and satisfied feedbacks were constantly given by well known critics and users. In fact it is even considered as the "Best Car in the World" upon its introduction in the auto world market.

On the outside is a share of the elegance and luxury inherent in all Jaguar makes. Sturdy aluminum construction ranging from the body panels down to the metal components under the car has well-built structures to face all types of driving conditions. Jaguar made use of top class aluminum to prevent negative effects on the weight of the vehicle which can in turn affect the speed and performance of the car. The dynamic wheels are responsive with muscular rims and wheels. In front are sporty bumpers together with highly functional lights for better visibility in cases of night driving and extreme driving conditions.

Upon opening the door, breath-taking amenities can surely take hold of anyone's eyes. Luxurious seats that can be adjusted in various versatile ways are mounted with added buttons that can be easily operated to savor the services for comfort, pleasure and entertainment. Long extended drives will not be a bore once the entertainment system is used. The safety needs of the passengers and occupants are as well mounted on well-placed positions. Style, comfort, pleasure, safety and performance — that is Jaguar XJ12.