Jaguar Vanden Plas Parts & Accessories

Jaguar Vanden Plas The Vanden Plas is the luxury trim of the Jaguar flagship the XJ. Introduced in the spring of 1987 after nearly two decades of a new sedan for this British auto maker, the XJ was released with the base model and the luxurious Vanden Plas. The new models rode the same 113-inch wheelbase as before. However, the restyled 4-doors were 3.2 inches shorter, 9.3 inches wider, and 1.5 inches taller.

The Value of the Vanden Plas is kicked up due mainly to the many basic and standard features installed which normally is just an option for other vehicles in its class. One feature that will impress everyone is the electronic brake, a small lever that's discreetly located in the center console and activated by a slight tug of a finger. Press it down to disengage it, or simply put the car into reverse and the brake releases automatically.

The Vanden Plas doesn't only exude luxury, it also promises a restful ride. The sedan is fitted with an air suspension system that has advantages over the traditional coil-spring suspension. You'll notice that the air suspension greatly reduces the jarring effects of potholes, bumps and rough roads. If you're into high-speed driving, you'll appreciate the fact that the system automatically lowers the Vanden Plas ride height at 100 mph to increase aerodynamic efficiency.

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