Jaguar Super V8 Parts & Accessories

The all new 2006 Jaguar Super V8 is a vehicle that incorporates all the desired functionality and ability of vehicle that provides style, elegance, sophistication and excellent handling and control ability. These attributes are what vehicle manufacturers are attaining to do but only Jaguar Company has the technology to include all this good attributes in a single vehicle. The super V8 is a four door four seater sedan type vehicle that is luxurious in look inside and out. This vehicle has an aluminum body fender that provides a rust proof and durable in any way possible. Nothing is more deserving manufacturer to build this kind of vehicle like the Jaguar Motors.

The technical specification of this vehicle includes a 4.2 liters supercharged V8 engine that produces a shocking 390 horses of power at 6,100 rpm with a torque power of 399 lb-ft at 3,500 rpm. This new, one of a kind vehicle is available in automatic transmission system with a total of six speed gear shifting ratio and has a maximum company detailed speed of 155 mph. Such speed needs a high performance braking which this vehicle is equipped with an active brake booster to provide power assist to the pedal that is connected to all four wheels disc brake system.

If safety is the concern, the jaguar Super V8 has a pre-installed driver and passenger front and side airbags for maximum protection when cruising on high speed with an additional side curtain airbags. Fuel economy is also a big factor in this vehicle that only consumes a 17 mpg when on city driving and a 24 mpg when cruising along highways. It has a good fuel consumption compared to other luxury vehicles. Air suspension system and a speed sensitive steering are also installed to provide better handling and control ability. The fully independent double wishbone suspension system that uses an aluminum control arms is provided to reduce excessive load to the wheels and obtain better grip of tires from the surface of the road that will promote safer riding experience.

There is no other vehicle that could have these attributes in one single vehicle than the Jaguar Super V8. Spacious and comfortable luxury sedan vehicle with very well road etiquette is what the entire design of this vehicle projects. This kind of vehicle needs to have a special online store like Parts Train where you can purchase high quality Jaguar Super V8 parts. Our products are known for its dependability and reliability and our site is committed in protecting your privacy so you're shopping experience will be guaranteed.