Jaguar S-Type Parts & Accessories

A mid size luxury or executive vehicle is what a Jaguar S-Type is all about. It was first introduced on the early of 1960's and revived by the company and released a 2000 model by Ford Motor Company. As it name implies, The 2000 Jaguar S-Type vehicle has a supercharged 4 liters V8 engine that producing a 390 horses of power which can run from 0 to 60 mph in more or less 5 seconds. It is initially available in 3 liters V6 engine that produces a 350 horsepower but the competition against the BMW 5-series and the Mercedes Benz E-class made this kind of enhancement.

The 18 inch wheel with wire mesh grilles and a vivid monochromatic paint effect made the Jaguar S-Type to have a sporty look even if it is considered as a luxury vehicle. It has a pre installed fog lamps that provides a greater visibility when cruising on the highway and fogs are blocking your way. A sporty design rear spoiler and a brace which is located near the rear sub-frame. The S-type vehicle is a rear wheel drive with a 5 speed manual transmission or a 6 speed automatic J-Gate transmission system that allows smooth automatic gear selection or clutch-less manual gear shifting.

Jaguar S-Type vehicles has an excellent road manners that provides the end user a smooth handling and control ability with an excellent traction of tires for a rear wheel drive. This vehicle is equipped with enhanced standard equipment which typically includes a chrome or alloy wheels, electrically adjustable front and rear seats, automatic climate control and a multi-functional ECU computer. Leather interior finish and an exclusive designed dashboard makes it more luxurious inside with strategically located buttons, knobs and gauges that can be accessed easily and without any hindrance. The aerodynamic feature of this vehicle also cannot be left behind by technology with its engineered curved body design that let you cruise the highways with lesser wind drag.

Performance and efficiency in a luxury vehicle is what the Jaguar S-Type vehicle provides. But this efficiency is subjected for deterioration when regular maintenance is neglected to be done. Any worn out parts must be replaced immediately and Parts Train is the right online store that can provide you an affordable and yet durable and efficient Jaguar S-Type parts. Our online catalog will serves as a bridge from our store to you in order for you to purchase your needed parts from us. Navigate our site and you will fin a wide selection of parts and accessories that will assure you to perform well in years to come.