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Isuzu Pickup Americans have always had a love affair with pickups. They extensively use them for work and for pleasure. This somewhat made the pickup as a symbol and a part of the American culture. Some manufacturers have gone to the extent of designing them more from pleasure. But a pickup is a workhorse; it was created to haul stuff. Isuzu has created their pickup's to do just that, work, but that doesn't mean they are not comfortable.

Widely taken as the pioneer of recreational 4x4 vehicles when it introduced the highly popular Trooper in the 1970s, Isuzu has always been a step ahead, coming up with new models on a regular basis. The Rodeo and Amigo are pickup vehicles. Their pedigree traces back to the established commercial TF series--which means they are powered by diesel engines. However, both meet slightly different needs. The Rodeo is a 4x4 vehicle, while the Amigo is the normal 4x2 pickup. The Rodeo is configured as "crew cab" which means it can carry four or five passengers. The Amigo can carry two in the normal pickup manner. On the other hand, the extra levels of luxury and versatility mean both combine the comfort of a passenger car with the practicality of a pickup.

The injection feature also results in better efficiency in terms of improved power and fuel consumption. The turbo-charged 2.8-litre 4JB1-T diesel is the largest engine Isuzu is offering for the TF series, generating 74Kw (110bhp) of power output at 3,800rpm and a hefty 225Nm of engine torque at 1,800rpm. The Isuzu pickups rugged design and construction of the 4JB1-T makes it the ultimate heavy-duty pickup engine, offering improved torque at low and mid-range engine speeds, as well as reduced smoke emission. Taking full advantage of the power characteristics of the turbocharged 4JB1-T, the transmission is a five-speeder with well-spaced ratios. Slippery surfaces and slopes should not present a problem since both vehicles are equipped with locking hubs. With a turning circle of 6.2m for the Rodeo and 11.8m for the Amigo, tight situations should be easily maneuvered. As expected, both vehicles use the no-nonsense rugged and durable ladder frame chassis.

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