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Isuzu Oasis The Isuzu Oasis is basically the twin sibling of the Honda Odyssey, both went public in the U.S. in 1995. The Oasis was built in Japan by Honda Motors. Both these models differed from the usual minivan designs by featuring four conventional swing-open side doors. Both used the same 140-horsepower, 2.2 liter 4-cylinder engine.

The Isuzu Oasis is a minivan, it handles and rides though in a car-like manner. Because of its sedan-like height, it is relatively easy to enter and exit the vehicle. In fact, the Oasis has more similarity to a large station wagon than to a van. Even the two rear passenger doors open out rather than sliding in the traditional mini-van style. It is rather a simple car that is designed to carry more passengers and cargo. The Oasis doesn't offer all the flamboyance but its practicality alone proves to be its biggest drawer. Comfort levels are high for front and middle seat passengers. The seats provide excellent support and have armrests. Middle row passengers enjoy the same captain's chairs as the front occupants.

The price you pay for this fascinating minivan brings you high level of comfort, reliable competence, practical utility and an overall sense of top value for the price. The Isuzu Oasis may not provide sophistication but all the pleasantry involving a relaxed day to day trip is its major asset.

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