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Isuzu Impulse The Isuzu Impulse is a modern work of automobile art done by a master craftsman. Its priority goals are met and with a great achievement at that. They're very unique and have angular good looks like no other car in its class. It handles awesome, has enough power to get out of its own way. They are fun to drive and take to modifications very easily.

The Impulse was introduced in the US market with little change from the Ace Of Clubs concept car. The addition of slightly larger bumpers to meet the 5 MPH DOT requirement, shortening of the windshield and lengthening of the hood to allow for easier installation of the engine on the assembly line, and enlarging the overall dimensions a few inches to allow more interior space in anticipation of sales in the US market being the only significant changes from the concept car. The 1983-84 models were all non-turbo 2.0 liter SOHC. Outwardly, these models lack any rear spoiler or front air dam. Distinguishing features of earlier model Impulses are the headlight eyebrows and plastic inlaid tailgate garnish. The standard 14x6 alloy wheel was the aluminum color tic-tac-toe style with twelve inlaid squares with black accent, arranged similarly to a tic-tac-toe pattern.

Eventually a Turbo model was introduced. Truly the Impulse was the affordable import sports car for everybody, the affluent are not the only ones who can get their hand with a sports car now. With every year in production new modifications, features and packages are added which made this remarkably cheap import a car that can hold its own in its segment.

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