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Isuzu I-Mark The Isuzu I-Mark was one of the few sedans ever made by Isuzu. This Japanese auto maker is better known for their trucks and not for their cars. The I-Mark was a spawn of one of the first ever generation of Isuzu sedans and coupes. The I-mark debuted as a new name tag in 1981 as a replacement for the original sedan released by Isuzu in 1976.

In May 1985 came the second generation Gemini with front-wheel drive and a wheelbase of 240 cm as a 4-door Sedan and a 3-door Hatchback. In USA it was sold as Isuzu I-Mark and Chevrolet Spectrum. The I-Mark was sold in other countries with a plethora of names. By 1989 the release of the third generation Isuzu cars the name I-Mark was dropped and it was replaced by the Isuzu Stylus.

A very economical and practical car, the Isuzu I-Mark is basically a car that is deeply rooted in the Japanese tradition of simplicity but very functional. It was very affordable and gave good mileage. It had a simplistic design which of course was due to the fact that the engineers were more concerned with the performance. It doesn't drive like a sports car cause its not. It's a people mover that provides dependability and a lot of care. Its safety ratings were high and that's what Isuzu wanted. A car for the masses that gave them a good ride in comfort with all the standard features and they could actually buy them too.

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