Isuzu I-350 Parts & Accessories

Isuzu is a Japanese produced car that is partly owned by General Motors. With exception in the United States were sport utility cars and pickups are only sold, Isuzu offers light and medium trucks in most countries. At present, most of the vehicles of Isuzu carry the same engine and platform as the General Motors vehicles.

One of its latest productions introduced in 2005 is the I-series. Under these I-series the Isuzu I-350 was introduced in 2006 along with the Isuzu I-280. The Isuzu I-350 is a crew cab pick up that is equipped with a five cylinder 3.5 liter, 20 valve engine that delivers a 220 hp and 225 lb-ft torque. It also carries an automatic locking hubs and independent torsion bar front suspension. In addition it has power windows, folding back bench seat side curtain airbags and skid plates.

The Isuzu I-350 is also furnished with bigger tires and like the Isuzu I-280 it offers less engine noise, less vibration and roughness. The Isuzu I-350 also comes with standard equipment in the Preferred Equipment and LS trim packages. This means that accessories such as the superb audio system with excellent speakers, deluxe seat fabric and other amenities are mounted in the vehicle. People who own this type of vehicle has been witness to the top-notch power and performance that the vehicle offers every riders. Aside from comfort and style it also offers an efficient, productive and durable piece of machinery on the road.

However, with these power and performance it is essential that you exercise proper care and upkeep to your Isuzu I-350 to keep it in top condition at all times. Regular inspection is crucial and is there are parts that are worn out immediate replacement are necessary. It is not a good idea to delay the replacement job as any damage in the parts could only aggravate the damage to the vehicle. In addition, putting of the job could only cause greater damage and stress not only to the vehicle but to your pocket as well.

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