Isuzu I-280 Parts & Accessories

Isuzu is one of the best car manufacturers in Japan. For nine decades now it has continuously created and developed premium quality cars that many people have come to love. Creating quality and maximum level vehicles is Isuzu's goal that is why they have been able to produce automobiles both trusted on-road and of-road.

The Isuzu I-series introduced in 2005 is a line of pickup truck that shares a design with General Motors mid size pickup trucks. One of the models of the I-series introduced in 2006 is the Isuzu I-280. The Isuzu I-280 is basically a rear wheel vehicle expanded car with rear hinged rear door. It is equipped with a 4 cylinder 2.8 L, 16 valve engine that delivers 175 horsepower and 185 lb-ft of torque and automatic or manual transmission. It also has a six feet cargo box and is furnished with a three passenger vinyl front seat and rear jump seat. Among the accessories available are the power windows, mirrors, power locks and cloth upholstery.

The Isuzu i-280 drives on a live back setup with leaf springs and an independent front suspension. Its superb braking power is provided by the front vented discs and rear drums. These features surely offer every rider an excellent driving condition. If you are one of the lucky ones who own this type of vehicle you have probably witnessed the performance this type of vehicle offer. But when it was first introduced in the market it received less response from the buying public. This poor response can be attributed to several factors but it is mostly because it was based on the unimpressive GMC Canyon twins. Nevertheless, the Isuzu I-280 can offer great power and torque despite its average design.

In order to keep the quality performance of the Isuzu I-280, it is still essential that as an owner you exercise regular maintenance and inspection. This way you can be sure that the parts of your Isuzu I-280 are in top condition every time you drove it in the road. There are instances though that some of the parts are beyond repair and cannot be repaired anymore. When this happens it is vital that you secure replacement as soon as possible.

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