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Isuzu Hombre Lost in that is the main reason pickups were designed in the first place: To haul stuff around. In the old days, pickups were supposed to be reliable and not cost too much money. Now they are used as a means of daily transport, much like a car is utilized. More and more people are using this means and more and more pickups are being designed like cars.

It's this back-to-basics notion that best defines the undertaking of the Isuzu Hombre. It is not the fanciest, nor the most powerful, nor the most loaded with options, the Hombre offers True-blue honest truck hauling at an easily affordable price. Isuzu's Hombre was released in 1997, but that doesn't mean it hasn't proven itself in a short time and needs more time to work the bugs out. The Hombre is produced by General Motors, in Shreveport, La., and is an engineering twin of the Chevrolet S-10 and GMC Sonoma compact pickups. So it's a proven article of trade.

The principal difference is that Isuzu has its own styling management for the front of the Hombre. Also, fewer options are available than those offered on the GM models. So what do you get: A sensible, reliable pickup that won't bust the cap out of even a modest budget.

Isuzu relied on its straight tie-in with General Motors to generate its compact Hombre pickup. Beforehand, Isuzu had imported a Japanese-built truck. General Motors owned a minor interest in Isuzu. Specifically, Isuzu got the right to use the basic design of the Chevrolet S-10 and GMC Sonoma, after the Japanese company added some of its own sheetmetal to the pickup truck. Body panels actually were produced by General Motors in Brazil. Fenders, hood, side panels, front fascia, headlamps, and rear bumper caps differed from the GM models.

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