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Infiniti M30 Harmonizing with the new Q45 flagship sedan from Nissan's luxury division, Infiniti, the entry-level M30 coupe, also introduced for 1990. It is a luxury sporty coupe that packs a wallop in performance. Together they combine to make a great duo to corner the market in the luxury segment. Basically an Americanized version of the Nissan Leopard, which is sold in the Japanese market, the M30 was intended as a temporary stopgap, until a brand-new model could be produced and mass-marketed. Engineering proportions is close to the front-drive Nissan Maxima sedan, but the M30 utilized rear-wheel drive and weighed about 300 pounds more. Maxima lent its 3.0 liter overhead-cam V6 engine, rated at 162 horsepower; but it was mounted longitudinally in the M30, rather than crossways. A 4-speed automatic was the sole transmission. Antilock brakes and a driver's airbag were standard for its safety package. The Sonar Suspension II, also borrowed from the Maxima, used an ultrasonic sensor mounted beneath the radiator to interpret the road surfaces and adjust shock absorber damping accordingly. A cockpit switch let the driver choose soft, medium, or firm damping mode. The M30 was given a convertible version on its second year of production, a direct transformation from the original coupe design. The coupe was still a popular choice though. Both of them used an overhead-cam 3.0 liter V6 engine which produced 162 horsepower and was harnessed by a 4-speed automatic transmission. For over 25 years, Parts Train has been the premium provider of top quality auto parts. The tradition continues as we provide you the finest in Infiniti M30 parts. Our wide array of Infiniti M30 replacement part is guaranteed to be precise and has perfect fit. Built to industry standards, our more affordable Infiniti M30 auto parts are the better option than any other Infiniti M30 part available elsewhere. Drop us a call if you want to inquire about your Infiniti online parts orders. You won't find a better online deal on top quality Infiniti M30 auto parts than what we offer. And, Infiniti car parts in our depot have passed detailed quality tests to ensure your utmost safety. For the utmost convenience and savings on your Infiniti M30 restoration parts, Parts Train is the one true choice for you.