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Infiniti J30 The J30 is a premium midsize sedan from Infiniti. Introduced as an early 1993 model, the mid-priced rear-drive 4-door sedan from Nissan's luxury division occupied a niche between the big Q45 and the entry-level G20. The J30 is a luxury sports sedan that will live up to just about anyone's expectations. Elegant and smooth are words that quickly come to mind when describing this Japanese import. And even after a few years on the market, the J30 remains a unique head-turner. The silky, smooth, elegant curves of the Infiniti J30 make it one of the most distinctive, if not radical, cars on the road. And in a segment over-run with import and domestic luxury-car wanna-be's, it doesn't hurt to stand out from the crowd. The Infiniti J30, however, is downright elliptical. Its shape can be described as cloud-like, from the gently sweeping tip of its front bumper to the tail of its sloping trunk. The look is aimed primarily at newcomers to the luxury-car market who are searching for vehicles that are distinctive and expressive of their lifestyles. How-ever, the J30 does bear a subtle resemblance to traditional luxury cars such as the Buick Riviera and Oldsmobile Aurora because of the similar swooping styling. The Infiniti J30 is a well-balanced mix of luxury and performance, with its sculpted shell that's definitely innovative, everybody will love the way this car draws admiring glances. If you're talking power, performance or features, the J30 is a superb sedan. Parts Train offers only the finest in Infiniti J30 parts so you won't have to go through the hassle of searching for the right one with great value. You can easily browse our navigable Infiniti J30 parts catalog and pick the parts you need. Best quality and lowest price is our commitment to you every time you shop for replacement Infiniti J30 parts. Parts Train meets your demand proficiently so you can enjoy the benefits of using top-notch Infiniti J30 wreck parts from us. All aftermarket Infiniti J30 parts we carry are proven to be perfect-fit and are of excellent quality. Speak to our customer service reps through our toll-free hotlines if you have any questions about our Infiniti J30 collision parts. Get useful information on aftermarket Infiniti J30 parts when you contact our team of auto specialists.