Infiniti FX35 Parts & Accessories

It is a vehicle for people who love to drive. It is a beast with room to spare and an exceptionally convincing design. It is Infiniti's outstandingly sleek, brand new "sport utility vehicle." And it is Infiniti FX 35.

The Infiniti FX fits the proportions of an SUV, but it drives more like a full-size sport coupe. It is an inspiring car that comes smooth, powerful and exceptionally stable. Compared to the traditional SUVs, Infiniti FX 35 feels more established and more confident. The vehicle's big and powerful brakes as well as the solid and fully independent suspensions make it many notches away from the conventional units. Basically, Infiniti FX 35 is intended for on-road performance. Although it is somewhat suited for some SUV work, Infiniti FX 35's chassis is not as heavy and profound as the chassis of a true off-road SUV and truck.

If it isn't a true-blooded SUV, then what's behind Infiniti FX 35 that the company can brag off? Well, Infiniti claims that it is fun to drive as a sports car. With FX 35's (optional) 20-inch wheels and tires, race car-sized brakes and firm, handling-tuned suspension, Infiniti realized its goal but with certain compromises. And that compromise falls in ride comfort, space and rock or hill-climbing capability. Under the hood, the Infiniti FX 35 features a 3.5-liter V6 engine that's hooked to a five-speed automatic transmission with a manual mode. This engine is derived from Nissan Z350, the engine that according to Nissan, has been chosen as one the 10 Best Engines in the world.

The styling is the first things that you'll happen to love in Infiniti FX 35. It appears far more futuristic than some of its competitors. It has a striking, sloped, rounded front end employing small headlights. Infiniti FX 35's rear-end design is as salient as its front styling. In this car, safety is never compromised. Lots of safety features come standard including front side-impact airbags, dual-stage front airbags, full-cabin curtain-style airbags, front seatbelt pretensioners and load limiters, a classy anti-lock brake system with electronic brake proportioning, active front head restraints, and electronic stability control.

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