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Hyundai Pony Hyundai Pony is a fusion of Italian, Japanese and Ford technology and expertise. It is actually the first domestic car that instantly became a big success upon its first entrance in the market. It created a big buzz in the industry as its cover is unveiled at the 55th Turin International Motor Fair back in 1974. The first Hyundai Pony is equipped with a rear wheel drive system. Front wheel drive versions came in for the year 1985 but it was meant for the European market and was branded as the Hyundai Excel. Hyundai Pony is first introduced as a four door sedan. In 1976, a truck version is offered. A station wagon followed in 1977. Three years after, a three-door hatchback is added. Two generations of the Hyundai Pony is presented. The first generation is produced from 1975 — 1981 while the second one, from 1982 to 1988. The second generation is remarkably more luxurious as compared to its predecessor as shown by the new radiator grille, rectangular halogen headlights, modified rear lamp clusters and wrap-around indicators. Lined up for the Second Generation are a five door hatchback and a two door pick-up. The cars were one of the most sought-after in the Canadian market but it failed to pass the tough emission test in the US so it wasn't able to enter the American market. The Hyundai Pony exported for the Canadian market also comes with several modifications to cope with the auto standards of the country. Among the notable changes for the Canada Hyundai Pony were sealed beam headlights, new marker lamp positions and differently trimmed interior features. The expected sales target of 5,000 units soared to a truly impressive real sales of 50,000 auto units. The last Hyundai Pony is produced in 1988 but of course, there are still several Ponies roaming our streets and highways. Owners of such cars these days may find it hard to look for new replacement parts and accessories. Good thing Partstrain is here to provide all your auto needs and wants. Just visit our shop and browse from our complete array of Hyundai Pony parts for modification, repair or simply for restyle.