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Of the different automobile manufacturers, the AM General is committed to producing heavy vehicles. It was founded in 1966 although became independent only in 1982. It started its career with the production of buses, large trucks, Jeeps for industrial, government and military use. In 1970, it developed the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle or widely known as Hum-Vee. Such vehicle was designed to be utilized for military purposes as a replacement for the heavy-duty Jeep. Afterwards, it was converted into a civilian automobile and was named Hummer.

Originally, the Hummer brand was sold under the AM General Corporation but in 1990, the brand was sold to General Motors but its production remained with the AM General. Years after, General Motors built its own versions of the Hummer H1 and called them H2 and H3. Since the H1 was basically patterned after the famous Humvee, you can also expect the same drivetrain, frame, body suspension and others, less armors and weapons and with better driving ability. The H1 was introduced in 1994 and was produced until 2006. It is basically a large sport utility vehicle that comes in three variants to which are the convertible-like soft top, a four-door hard top pickup truck and a wagon body version, and there were also the not so popular two-door pickup truck and a four-door slantback.

Some of the H1's common powerplant-transmission combinations are the 6.2-liter Detroit Diesel V8 / GM TH400 / 3L80 3-speed, 6.5-liter Detroit Diesel V8 / GM 4L80-E 4-speed, 5.7-liter Vortec 5700 gasoline V8 TBI / GM 4L80-E 4-speed, 6.5-liter Turbo Detroit Diesel V8 / GM 4L80-E 4-speed, and the latest 6.6-liter Duramax LLY Turbo Diesel / Allison 1000 5-speed. Such engine and transmission options made driving the H1 such a pleasurable one. What makes H1 even more exciting is its ability to cross 30 inches of water, go up a 22-inch step, have a stock clearance of 16 inches, approach or depart a 37.5 degree angle, and it being equipped with CTIS or central tire inflation system that allows the driver to increase or lessen the air pressure anytime.

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