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Honda Prelude Sleek, sporty and fast. The Prelude was one of the very first sporty coupes that Honda produced and the success was outstanding. The very first generation Honda Prelude was introduced in November of 1978 as a '79 model. Though the drivetrain was shared with the Accord, Prelude found its home as a two-door, FWD specialty vehicle. At 4090 mm (length) x 1635 mm (width) x 1290 mm (height), it had quite a low and wide profile. The wheelbase was 2320 mm and 60 mm shorter than that of the original Accord. The Accord-shared engine was the model EK and 4 cylinders, SOHC, 1751 cc CVCC.

As time went by, the Honda Prelude developed lots of changes. More variations came out, more trims and options were offered and every time the Honda Prelude just got better and faster. Bigger engines were developed and more luxury features were added. The main objective is, keep it fast and sporty but also safe. The Honda Prelude enjoyed 6 generations and production was halted in 2002 were the 2001 Honda Prelude was the last of this magnificent vehicle. The 2001 Prelude enjoyed a 2.2-liter 4-cylinder that employed Honda's variable-valve-timing technology. Running on premium fuel, the engine developed 195 horsepower with 5-speed manual shift, but only 190 horses when equipped with an automatic transmission.

Due to the precision engineering Honda utilizes, the discipline and the integrity poured into their work and vehicles, many Preludes still exists today, not only the latest generation but also those from the early ones. Part of these is due to the fact that some owners take care of their Preludes. Proper maintenance is still a must.

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