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Honda Passport Introduced in 1994 as Honda's new venture in the ever growing popularity of the SUV market, the Honda Passport garnered good reviews. Even if it's Honda's first mass marketed SUV, they packed in all the elements why Honda has been very popular.

The Honda Passport has had a successful run. Spawning two generations its lifetime. The first one was the 1994-97 models then followed by the 1998-2002 series. The midsize SUV Honda Passport was slightly larger than before, and delivered more V6 power. Passports were built at a Subaru Isuzu plant in Indiana, right alongside the nearly identical Isuzu Rodeo. Passports differed mainly in model choices, cosmetic details, and available features.

Two models where available, the LX and upscale EX, each available with rear-drive or on demand 4-wheel drive. An improved version of Isuzu's 3.2-liter twin-cam V6 engine, packing 15 more horsepower and 26 more pound-feet of torque than before, went under the hood. An automatic transmission was standard on EX and an option on LX, replacing the standard 5-speed manual gearbox. The 4x4 models had a 2-speed transfer case with separate low-range gearing, but 4WD now engaged electrically via a dashboard button instead of using a mechanical lever. As in prior Passports, 4WD was not for use on dry pavement, but it could be shifted between 4-High and 2WD at any speed up to 60 mph.

Sadly the name tag Passport was dropped when Honda decided to produce their own engines for their SUV. The Passport was too identified with the Isuzu engine which was powering it. In 2003 Honda released the all new Honda SUV the Pilot. Thus, ending the era of the First ever Honda SUV, the Honda Passport.

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