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Our remarkable success in the business speaks of our excellent Honda Insight auto repair parts and customer service. Our very accommodating customer support staff is always ready to take your queries and orders for quality Honda Insight auto wreck parts. Our online catalog is regularly updated so you always get the latest information about our first-rate quality Honda Insight impact parts. Our competent auto specialists arHonda Insight With the Insight, Honda has once again upped the ante with regard to fuel efficiency and emissions, by producing a technologically interesting and commercially viable stepping stone between today's combustion engine cars and the potential "super green" cars of the future. Many are sure to follow Honda's footsteps re-establishing their foothold as the industries leader in a cleaner and greener future for automobiles.

The Honda Insight is an ultra-low emission, hybrid gasoline-electric car that gets an impressive 70 miles per gallon. At first glance, the Insight looks like a modernized Honda CRX, but the car is packed full of technology and materials you won't find in any conventional car. The Insight is powered by a highly efficient 1.0 liter combustion engine, and a compact electric motor. The car never needs to be plugged in like a traditional electric vehicle, because the batteries are charged by regenerative braking and the gasoline engine. Since the Insight runs primarily on gasoline, which has a much higher energy density than batteries, it has a much farther cruising range than any electric car - 600 miles on one full tank.

The Honda Insight started out with the concept car, the J-VX, first shown in a 1997 car show in Tokyo. It eventually evolved to the VV then to the now Insight. Some similarities to the final Insight can be seen in the J-VX's body design, such as the two-door format with vertical rear end including a small vertical window. Like the Insight, the J-VX also had an tapered rear end with the wheel wells being wider than the body above them. Both J-VX and Insight also feature smooth underbody panels. All of these elements come from the goal of achieving very low aerodynamic drag.

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