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Honda Element Cool, hip and funky, the concept of the Element was actually conceived during extreme games shows where some Honda people realized that there's a whole new market out there just looking for their own type of vehicle. Generation Y never had it any better. You can customize the Element into whatever your heart desires. Any long weekend trip shall be more special and comfy when you have the element with you.

With the tall, spacious cargo area and flip-up removable rear seats you'll have enough space to load up on your essentials for fun and still have lots of room for your friends. The ultimate journey should never be without your Element and with all the options and features it packs, fun is never optional.

With its utilitarian mode, the Honda Element is something of an unusual vehicle for the straight up Honda, but they have pulled off a great one with this SUV. Honda's Element with its straightforward exterior design and functional interior combines the best features of a pickup truck and a SUV and is targeted squarely at young, active buyers. Element is designed to serve as a combination dorm room/base camp for active young buyers. The flexible interior hauls four adults and their gear comfortably on road trips; or the rear seats fold away to create a large and open interior capable of hauling just about anything that can be used during the course of a weekend. The rugged interior is also designed to be easy-to-clean. Additional features include a high-power AM/FM radio with 6-disc CD player and MP3 player or video game outlets.

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