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Honda Cr-v The Honda Cr-v is Honda's answer for the publics clamor for a Honda SUV. It is a crossover SUV which is based on the platform of the Honda Civic. The letters Cr-v means "Comfortable Runabout Vehicle". It is an automobile which could serve dual purpose, as an SUV and also as a big type of sedan. It is available in 4 wheel drive and Front wheel drive.

The Cr-v was Honda's first in-house designed sport utility vehicle. It was originally intended only to be a niche vehicle. It was introduced in Japan in 1996. There was hesitant effort to market the vehicle since many felt the car did not have potential to sell alongside its predecessor the Honda Passport. It was displayed for the first time on US soil at the 1996 Chicago Auto Show. Citing strong sales from the comparable Toyota RAV4 upon its release, it was then brought to the US market in February of 1997. Shortly afterwards CR-V sales outpaced those of the RAV4, and has maintained strong sales and accolades ever since.

With its success in the U.S. market Honda has continued to develop this vehicle and continually has been redesigned and packed with features to attract more buyers. Ithas had 2 generations with one semi-generation wedge between them that saw the CR-V with some minor changes to adapt to American wants and needs.

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