Honda Civic Del Sol Parts & Accessories

If you are looking for a unique and high quality vehicle one of the choice you should consider is the Honda Civic del sol. This car was developed by Honda as a replacement of their CRX. This car was first released in Japan in 1992 and was distributed in the United States market in 1993.

The Honda Civic del sol is a car that exudes fun and sporty quality. This car is equipped with neat little features like the removable hardtop and retractable rear window making it a fun semi-convertible vehicle. If you remove the hardtop you can just place it in the trunk with still enough room left for putting in your luggage.

Upon its release, this was offered in two kinds of trim — the base S and the more modern Si model. These two trims differ from each other especially in terms of their technical aspects. A 1.5 L SOHC 16-valve four-cylinder engine gives power to the base S model. With tires that measure 13" and 106 bhp, the S model can provide excellent road performance. On the other hand, the Si trim has a standard 1.6 L SOHC 16 valve four-cylinder engine. This modern trim is outfitted with the new VTEC technology of Honda enabling it to produce up to 125 hp. More improved wheels can be seen on the Si model, with its 14" alloy wheels. The installed power side mirrors, cruise control and anti-sway bar are some of the features that put the Si model ahead of the S.

The first batch of the Civic del sol was till somehow lacking in power. This concern was addressed in 1994 when the company released an upgraded model, the Honda Civic Del Sol VTEC. This new car was able to produce up to 160 bhp. When 1995 came, the car became solely a Del Sol model. The features however are still somehow the same. In 1996 the Del Sol underwent some major changes that included the front bumper and the engine configurations. Due to some unfavorable rumors, the sales of the Del Sol dwindled finally resulting to its demise in 1997.

The Honda Civic Del Sol is a road car that can provide the kind of road performance you expect. This also contributes points if image were the basis because of its attractive exterior. The Honda Civic Del Sol can be further improved by using the parts and accessories at Parts Train. No other online supplier can match the quality and great deals at Parts Train.