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Honda Civic Honda entered the small sedan market with a bang. They introduced the Honda Civic in July 1972 with only a 220 cm. wheelbase and as a short backed two-door. Only a few short months later a three door hatchback was introduced. Then a year after a four-door debuted. A year after a 5-door wagon came out. That only goes to show the warm reception the Civic received and it showed on why Honda kept on adding newer makes and models to supply the demand the people were making. The Civic provided good interior space despite its small dimensions. Many regard the Civic as representing value for money, with good performance, reliability and economy.

Spawning seven generations for over 30 years of production, the Civic crept on to become a very functional car with all the comforts its value can provide. The clamor for this vehicle all over the world is very remarkable and is only eclipsed by its brother the Accord. An interesting engine development used in 1980 to 1983 models was the CVCC system, where a small auxilary inlet valve allowed a rich fuel/air mixture into the cylinder near the spark plug, while the main charge was lean. This design could meet clean air emission standards without the power robbing emission control devices fitted to many cars of that time. This engine was a rare example of commercial development of a Stratified charge engine. Current generation Civics use variable valve timing (VTEC), and are approaching the size and weight of the early Honda Accord models, which were initially introduced as a larger, up-market alternative to the Civic in the mid 1970s.

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