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Honda Accord From May of 1976 on its debut to the world to the present and on to the future, the Honda Accord has continued to evolve as technology advances. The Accord has always been and always will be a leader of its segment. Spawning five generations of its kind, it is expected that this car will always be around and its legacy heralded. Using Honda's experience in FF (front-engine/front-wheel drive) technology, the Accord was introduced in 1976 as a statement to the world. This "car worthy of the world", is a heritage that continues to this day.

Utilizing cutting edge technology that puts high priority on people, each new generation of the Accord has continued to build on the high reputation of its predecessors, both in Japan and throughout the world, as a car that proposes new values. From its fantastic beginning as a three-door hatchback, it shifted to a sedan configuration as the basic model, while adding coupe and station wagon models in the long run. This catering to diversified needs may be yet another one of the many reasons why the Accord continues to be adored throughout the world. Far from resting on its past achievements, Honda is ever-intent on demonstrating leadership in each new era. In concurrence with advanced technology, the Accord continues on its evolutionary path and continually is in service to its enthusiasts.

As a car that has true world value, each region has an Accord that is specially designed to contour with local needs. The Honda Accords molds to its domestic market to increase its functionality. As the 21st century is at hand, the Accord is already at its journey to an even higher level of world accord not only to the changing conditions but also to the changing industry.

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