Honda 600 Parts & Accessories

Honda is one of the most popular brands of automotives in the whole world. This company was primarily known in the production of quality motorcycles but then they also ventured out in the field of automobiles, trucks, scooters and most recently into robotics. This company is composed of innovative individuals, gifted engineers and designers that is why it's been also possible for them to create other kinds of technologies for the world market.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd is originally Giken Kogyo Kabushiki Gaisha when it was founded in 1948. This company had very humble beginnings through the leadership of Soichiro Honda. Their name might seem flamboyant; however, the real score is a bit far from the truth. Soichiro Honda and his colleagues only had little wooden shack where they would develop and test their engine creations. From their first motorcycle products, Honda Motor Co. began to develop road cars in 1960 in order to fulfill the gap for transportation in the Japanese market.

The types of cars they produced were small cars. It was with these small cars that they made their entrance into the US market. It was in 1969 when Honda delivered their first batch of cars in the US and one of the models included that time was the Honda 600. Some may not be impressed by the looks of this 2-door 4-passenger car while others will find it really cute. With the size it posses, you will find it really easy to maneuver even in traffic areas and especially when backing into the parking lot.

The Honda 600 is a front wheel drive that can pump up 80 mph at its top speed. It is equipped with a standard 4-speed manual transmission as well as an optional 3-speed automatic transmission. In terms of steering, the car is operated through rack and pinion. Its front and rear suspension are composed of high quality items like MacPherson struts, coil springs, rigid axle and leaf springs. All in all, the Honda 600 can give the secure road performance that most of us desire.

At present there are still a few of this that can be seen crossing the streets. An excellent car such as this Honda 600 needs quality replacement parts and accessories such as the ones that can be found at Parts Train. If you are going to upgrade it, Parts Train has all the parts you need, provided at very affordable prices.