Honda Parts & Accessories

There's only a handful of auto manufactures coming from Asia that earned the trust of people all around the world. One of the elite Asian automakers happens to be Honda. Aside from being reliable and dependable, Honda cars exhibit top-caliber design, excellent drivability, fuel economy, safety, and affordability. With these qualities, it's not surprising that many American buyers are going for Honda's models and even topnotch Honda parts.

Honda is a relatively newcomer in the automotive world and in fact, it was born just after World War II in Japan. Soichiro Honda was the visionary behind the company and he envisioned creating affordable motorbikes for the Japanese public. Since most Japanese didn't have enough money to buy automobiles, the company took advantage by selling motorbikes, which were pretty inexpensive back in the day. The company toiled with motorcycles and motorbikes for a couple of decades before finally deciding to make its very first cars in the 60s. It was during that period that the carmaker entered the world of Formula One racing. The company launched the N600 in the United States and though compact and quite inexpensive, it didn't create a lot of buzz with most American customers. Eventually, the company introduced the Civic and that put the Honda's name among the elite car manufacturers in the world.

Today, the company isn't only known for the Civic, but also for other models such as the Accord, Fit, CR-V, and Odyssey. Aside from these topnotch car models, it also launched another marquee called the Acura in order to create luxury cars that are not very expensive. Aside from being a trusted brand, it has become the largest producer of internal combustion engines. As of 2008, it's the fourth largest automobile manufacturer in the United States, surpassing Chrysler. The secret to Honda's success is its world-class Honda accessories and parts. These small components make all of its models unique and perform at their best each time they hit the road.

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