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As car owners and enthusiasts, most of you must have probably heard of the famous GMC Sonoma pickup truck. This car model was introduced by General Motors in 1982 and was produced until 2004. The GMC Sonoma was also called as the GMC S-15, Isuzu Hombre and Chevrolet S-10, a similar model. In 1991, a high-performance version of the GMC Sonoma pickup truck called GMC Syclone was introduced. Such model initiated the production of the similarly powered GMC Typhoon SUV from 1992 until 1993.

When the GMC Syclone was launched, it turned out to be the world's quickest stock pickup truck. Some auto magazines believed that it was favorably comparable to Corvette's and Ferrari's sports cars. The secret? The Syclone was equipped with a powerplant of turbocharged 6-cylinder engine to boost 280 horsepower and 360 ft-lbf torque, coupled with a 4-speed automatic transmission, an all-wheel drive drivetrain and 4-wheel anti-lock brakes. These features made the Syclone more akin to a Porsche than most pickup trucks. In addition, the Syclone truck also used a Mitsubishi TD06-17C 8 centimeter squared turbocharger and Garrett water and air intercooler that are connected to a 4.3-liter LB4 V6 engine. It further displayed unique pistons, main caps, head gaskets, intake manifolds and a throttle body from the 5.7-liter GM Small-Block engine.

Came 1991 when the GMC Syclones were offered in black exterior paint only. During this year, two special 1991 Syclones were offered — the Marlboro Syclones that were repainted Hot Licks Red and had targa top racing seats, performance chip changer, hard tonneau cover, wheels Borla exhaust and white sticker package to be given away for promotion; and the Indy Syclones that were used at the Indianapolis 500 race, having a single modification of being a sticker package. In 1992, other body colors were made available just before the GMC Syclone's production was discontinued during that same year.

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