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The GMC Carryall-Suburban was the only steel bodied station wagon that remained until the Second World War. During the war, other auto makers began to make their own Suburbans for the military. When SUVS broke into the auto scene, the use of "suburban" and "carryall" for various car models subsided but GM continued to use it, with the GMC Carryall-Suburban without changing the Suburban's basic body style and components. Thus, it is General Motors that has formally established the Suburban trademark. The Suburban was first used by GM on motor vehicles and reserved it for the Chevrolet vehicle make. GMC Suburban versions were also produced.

GMC Suburbans used the platform of GM's full size C/K pickup trucks for the 1992 model. These new Suburbans were shorter and narrower but they had more cargo space. Rear wheel drive models got a C designation while four-wheel drive models got a K designation. They got more towing capacity than the previous GMC Suburbans. A 1500 suffix indicted a ½-ton payload Suburban while 2500 suffix indicated ¾-ton payload. The huge and powerful 5.7 L V8 remained as standard. It delivers a whopping 210 horsepower while the 2500 series' version produced 190 horsepower. The diesel V8 engines were no longer offered but a 7.4 L gasoline V8 engine was given as an option. All models got a four-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel antilock brakes.

Nine passengers can comfortably seat inside the GMC Suburban. Entrance and exit are made easy and convenient by the vehicle's four side doors and two swing-open rear doors. An optional tailgate with top-hinged rear window was also offered as an option. Through the years, the Suburban got many upgrades to improve its drivability, traction, comfort and safety features. Among the parts added to the earlier GMC Suburban were the driver-side and passenger-side air bags, power door locks, 4WD system, ant-theft system and satellite tracking system. For the 2000 model year, GMC renamed the Suburban to GMC Yukon XL.

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