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Through the years, the General Motors Corporation as a car maker has been credited for introducing and manufacturing some of the automobile industry's outstanding and spectacular vehicle models. These car models are being sold under different brands such as Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac, Saturn and GMC, including many others. GMC is a United States-based branch of General Motors' brand name of trucks, vans and SUVs with its products being widely sold in North America and Middle East.

The Sprint is just one of the models that were introduced by GMC. It was launched in 1971 when GMC dealers demanded for a smaller sporty truck that will serve as a gap-filler between GMC's current line of vehicles and passenger cars. The GMC Sprint completed the GMC lineup of trucks from big rigs down to the sporty muscle car and truck. Basically, the Sprint was considered to be a little-known variant of Chevrolet's El Camino — a car-based small pickup-truck that was produced starting 1959 to serve as a competitor against the successful Ford Ranchero. Actually, the Sprint was El Camino's third generation automobiles, displaying reduced power and performance due to the mandated use of lower-octane unleaded fuel in order to control the vehicles' emissions.

Basic distinctions of the GMC Sprint from Chevrolet's El Camino are the use of single headlights, and the grille coming to a point for a simpler yet elegant front end appearance. The Sprint also had "GMC and Sprint" emblems right at its fenders, tailgate, and front grille. Moreover, GMC Sprints using V8 powerplant featured an "Invader" decal on the air cleaner, displaying the cubic inch displacement of the motor, and are usually used on the valve covers of other GMC pickup trucks. In addition, GMC Sprints come in two types — the "Standard" Sprint, and the upgraded model called "Custom" Sprint. Whichever type of Sprint you have, one thing is for sure — you will need some replacement parts and accessories for it.

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