GMC Sonoma Parts & Accessories

The GMC Sonoma is a compact pick up truck that is very similar to the GMC S15 and Chevrolet s series. This truck was first released in 1982 along with the two other mentioned models. During its first release, the Sonoma shared the same basic body styling as that with the Chevrolet S-series. From its introduction in 1982 until 2004, this pick up has undergone a lot of changes in those intervening years.

Generally, the GMC Sonoma runs on a V6 engine. The first generation of the Sonoma is only able to produce 84 horsepower. But as time went on and technology has greatly improved, the manufacturers likewise made improvements the engine. From the 1.9 L engine capacity it can now hold up to 4.3 L. Together with these improvements horsepower is also increased up to 190 hp from the 84 and it can generate torque of 245.00 Ft-Lbs. These improvements helped a lot in improving the performance of the GMC Sonoma.

In terms of the body style, the first generation was only midsize pick-up with two-door body. Due improvements, there came the four-door model Sonoma. The new generation didn't only have improved engine but also better exterior. Latest external dimensions were also brought forward with the generation of GMC Sonoma. There came the new front and rear body color bumpers, day time running lights as well as adjustable mirrors on the driver and passenger side. Aside form these, add-ons also include conventional lens halogen bulb headlights, heat reflective glass, rear step and fixed rear window. All of these new additions gave the truck a new and sleeker image that will cater to people who want to keep up appearances.

People don't only look at the exterior but more importantly on the cars interior. The GMC Sonoma new generation will prove to be a very comfortable and convenient ride because its interior contains effects that will make any rider feel cozy such as the audio system, floor covering, comfy seats, ventilation system and a lot more.

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