GMC Sierra C3 Parts & Accessories

For over one hundred years, GMC has been producing remarkable vans, SUVs, trucks and pickups. The expertise and skill placed in the production of each model has made GMC a trusted vehicle by many car enthusiasts for years. GMC manufacturers have integrated its understanding of what vehicle owners want in every model. This is why GMC is a favorite among professionals and car enthusiasts alike.

The Sierra is one of the GMC models that have awed many pickup lovers since it was first released in the market. What sets the Sierra apart from other vehicles is its reputation to create vehicles beyond its truck, pickup ability. Its continuous commitment to improving the quality and power of its vehicles has been evident in every model it produced year after year. The GMC Sierra C3 is a proof to GMC's dedication to quality production. The GMC Sierra C3 is a lavish half-ton pickup truck that was the first of its kind in the market when it was released.

The Sierra C3 is packed with features that cannot be found yet in any other vehicle. The engine is a Vortec 6000 V8 6.0 liter that is able to delivers 325 horsepower and 370 foot-pounds of torque. The transmission is 4L60-E-HD with standard axle ratio of 3.73. The interior of the Sierra C3 is furnished with ergonomic upholstery that offers passenger a comfortable ride for thousands of miles. The mirrors and windows offer the driver a good view of the road and the spacious interior gives a feeling of being one with the road. As a safety feature, the Dynamic Rear Positioning brake system is installed in the Sierra C3. This mechanism regularly monitors the wheel speed of the vehicle and evens out the front and rear brake pressure for efficient and controlled brake response.

Regular upkeep and maintenance is, however, needed to keep the parts fully functional all the time. Because heat, stress, rust, water and other road contaminants can significantly affect the functions of the components, it is essential that periodic check up is done. Normal wear and tear is, however, unavoidable. Hence, when some of the parts start to deteriorate it is important that replacement is secured. Take note that immediate replacement of the broken parts is vital to avoid getting the other parts damaged as well. To ensure that the new component is properly installed, it is best to contact your competent mechanic and let them do the job for you.

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