GMC Sierra 3500 Parts & Accessories

GMC has a noteworthy history. Through the years of producing heavy duty and light weight commercial vans, trucks and SUVs, GMC has made a powerful lineup of competent and superb models. Among these remarkable models are the Sierra pickups. Sierra pickups are known for its power, quality and capacity. Superb torque, responsive power, efficient fuel system is what the Sierra offers. In addition, the incredible hauling and towing ability, comfortable interior upholstery, and spacious compartments is the touchstone of the company. GMC has exhibited its creative and top-notch ability in the Sierra series.

The GMC Sierra 3500 is one of the Sierra series that has impressed many car aficionados since it was first introduced in the market. Its engine options include Vortec V8 6.0 liter, Vortec V8 8.1 liter and DURAMAX 6.6L Turbo Diesel V8. Each of these engines delivers 300 hp, 360 lb-ft; 330 hp, 450 lb-ft; and 360 hp, 650 lb-ft of power and torque respectively. The interior is furnished with power windows, power door locks, tip-top audio system, and leather seats. For extreme safety, the Sierra 3500 is equipped with dual stage airbags, keyless access and daytime running lights. In addition, fog lamps, side mirrors and chrome grille adorn the exterior.

The superb stopping power and steering control is supplied by the 4 wheel anti-lock brakes and the Dynamic Rear Proportioning feature. The windows and windshields of the Sierra 3500 also offer the driver good visibility at any angle. The homey feeling inside also makes passenger feel one with the car and the road. But the power and style of the Sierra 3500 does not end with its original components. Innovations and enhancements are always welcome. Thanks to the wide-ranging GMC Sierra accessories, you can customize your Sierra 3500 so that your Sierra becomes really your car.

However, regular inspection and maintenance is still important to ensure that all parts are in excellent condition. Normal wear and tear is, however, inevitable. Sooner or later some of the components will eventually fail and lose its function. Before this happens, it is important that you arrange for a replacement at once. Delaying the replacement job could only cause you greater expense and system damage. A competent mechanic will know how to replace worn out parts, so contact your trusted mehcanic as soon as you can.

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