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GMC Savana

Safety is one of the topmost priorities of car enthusiast and buyers aside from performance, style, features and driving dynamics. However, these sought-after auto qualities can be wrapped up in one as proven by the legendary GMC Savana. General Motors Company is known in the industry as the maker of top quality vehicles that have stood the test of time as well as the tough and hard challenges of everyday driving. Each production generation is marked with professionalism and innovativeness reflected by the standard and optional features both inside and out.

The latest GMC Savana generation is made up of four distinct trims ranging from the G1500 customary wheelbase RWD to the G3500 Extended Wheelbase RWD. Boosting power for the G1500 regular wheelbase RWD is the standard 4.3-liter V6 that can show off a 195 horsepower at 15 mpg on the city and 19 mpg on the highways. The G3500 extended wheelbase on the other hand gets its 300 horsepower capacity from the standard 6.0 liter V8. Both makes can be brought to life using a four-speed automatic transmission with overdrive.

Noteworthy among the trims making up GMC Savana line-up is the 1500 Series that garnered the top safety ratings for frontal crash test given by the National Highway Traffic safety Administration. The award is just one of the proofs that GMC savanna is indeed a tough durable car make that can endure the hardships of driving. Aside from its stand-out safety features and capacity, GMC Savana is also noted for its versatility and spacious cargo and passenger areas. Unlike other makes, it can be used for all types of driving and activities may it be for a simple joyride, taking you or your loved ones to wherever you intend to go or for payloads. The spacious interiors matched with breath-taking features can surely put at ease the car's passengers and occupants.