GMC Safari Parts & Accessories

One of the most enduring models of GMC is the Safari. This midsize van has remained basically unchanged since its introduction in 1985. It shares its basic GM design with the Chevrolet Astro, which also came out in 1985 as Chevrolet's domestic competitor in the minivan market. The Safaris have truck chassis and rear-wheel or all-wheel drive system that provide it higher towing capacity (5,100 lbs) than most front-wheel vans. GMC Safari houses under its hood the largest standard engine in its class, the Vortec 4300 V6. This powerhouse delivers 190-hp and an outstanding 250 lb-ft of torque.

Safari's high-tech engine features a multi-port fuel injection system that precisely determines fuel delivery for a more efficient and powerful engine performance. Multi-port fuel injection systems, also called the single-point or central fuel injection systems, have a fuel injector in each cylinder so the fuel is directly sprayed at the intake valves, thereby, providing more accurate fuel metering and quicker response. The amount of fuel supplied to the engine is measured by the time the fuel injector stays open, which is controlled by the engine control unit.
GMC Safari comes with only one body length and accommodates up to eight passengers. It boasts of plenty of elbow, leg and cargo room, giving its passengers great comfort especially in long out-of-town drives. Center and rear bench seats have fold-down armrest/ consoles, which adds space for the cargo. When center and rear seats are removed, an impressive 170.40 cu ft of cargo space is achieved. Other convenient and safety features included in the Safari are its power window and door locks, front and rear air conditioning, four-spoke steering wheel with steel-sleeve column and theft-deterrent locking feature, luggage-rack roof rails and complete body window package.

With its well-appointed interior, complete comfort and convenient features, generous interior and cargo space and excellent powertrian, your ride with the GMC Safari will surely be satisfying. Designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, GMC Safari is truly a great choice. It is only right that you use top-caliber replacement auto parts for a vehicle of such excellent style, performance and convenient features. Quality auto parts will not only improve your car's drivability, safety and comfort but will help you avoid future auto problems that are often expensive. Let us help you with your car part needs. Come to Parts Train, your leading auto parts dealer online!