GMC S15 Parts & Accessories

General Motors is one of the leading companies in terms of automobiles. With 75 years in the global industry, they are now one of the largest automaker that has several fleets of cars produced. They are world renowned when it comes of trucks, SUVs and vans. With trucks in particular, one type that they have produced is the GMC S15. The first generation of GMC S15 was first brought to the market way back in 1982. This truck is similar to the Chevrolet S-10 and the GMC Sonoma. Likewise, this automobile had several variations such as the GMC Syclone, the Hombre which was put on sale by the Isuzu Company. There also came the Chevrolet S-10 Blazer or the GMC S-15 Jimmy — also known as the S-series but in the SUV version.

General Motors was the very first to launch compact sport utility vehicles such as the GMC S15. The S15 share similar features with the Chevrolet S10 apart from the trim-packaging label. The S15 in particular is a compact pick-up that operates on a V6 engine or 4 cylinders that is able to generate up to 165 of horsepower and a torque of 235.00 Ft-Lbs. This vehicle is a front-drive type with the engine situated in front. Some of the pick ups can ride on a 108.3 in wheelbase with a 6-foot cargo base while for the long-cab models they usually have 117.9 in wheelbase with a 7.5 foot bed. These engine features help a lot in the overall performance of the pick-up.

In terms of the transmission, the GMC S15 functions on 5 gears with a manual transmission. In manual transmission, it is the driver who maneuvers the clutch and the moveable gear selector. It is only to be expected because when the first generation of the GMC S15 was released, the automatic transmission was still unpopular.

In the year 1990 up to 1993, changes have been incorporated to the GMC S15. New type of grille, wheels, body side moldings and bumper rub strips were added to the vehicle in 1991. For the year 1992, the driver now has the option of a pushbutton shifting and head restraints on bench seats were added. Further improvements were made to the truck that enhanced its function even more.

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