GMC R3500 Parts & Accessories

Since it first came out of the market in the early 1900's, pickup trucks have gained a wide following. And even today, lots of people prefer to use pickup truck over any other kind of automobile. Maybe it's because of the versatility it offers when it comes to a wide range of activities. But in general, pickup trucks are only small or medium-sized vehicles with short rigid sides. This vehicle is uniquely designed with its open rear cargo area and a separately enclosed passenger cabin. The rear part can either be an open rear gate or it can just be a flat tray area. So with this kind of design, it is highly capable of competing with the full-size vehicles available in the market.

One of the well-known manufacturers of trucks is GMC — one of the divisions of General Motors. Some of the pickup truck models that were produced under this vehicle are the Caballero, Canyon, Sierra, Sonoma, Sprint and Cyclone. Most of these models have made a good impact to the market, consequently making excellent sales for the company. But aside from these models there are other trucks that did not become that popular and one of them is the GMC R3500.

The GMC R3500 is also a good car to look at. This model is actually produced in two body styles so as to give option to the buyers. The 2-door extended cab long and the 4-door crew cab long are the options made available by GMC for this pickup truck. Its exterior is made to project an unpretentious aura. Looking at it you will be reassured by its dependable look. When you view it from the frontal perspective the first noticeable thing about it is its rectangular grille that sport horizontal bars. The big halogen headlights lining up the corners of the vehicle's front end help a lot in illuminating the road during nighttime driving.

Driving this pickup truck is also an enjoyable experience because of the good handling made possible. Several engines types are supplied as options for this vehicle so you can just choose which one to use from the 5.7L V8, 6.2L V8 and the 7.4L V8. These engines are highly capable of generating excellent speed and power to the wheels. The rear-wheel drive system is managed or handled through the 4-speed manual transmission installed. This gearbox enables the driver to have more control over the car's whole performance.

These days only very few people use the GMC R3500, so somehow it can be counted as a rarity. Those who own one probably have a time finding items to be used as replacement and spare. But now you don't have to worry because Parts Train is the unswerving provider of these rare GMC R3500 parts and accessories.