GMC K35 Parts & Accessories

The varied types of vehicle we see on the road today offer varied benefits and advantages. Having these different styles in the market makes it more useful to the people because the more the options, the more chances that they will be able to acquire the model that will suit their needs. The compact cars, sedans, sports cars, vans, SUVs and wagons all have different uses and features making each of them unique. The pickup truck in particular is very beneficial for transporting passengers and cargo at the same time. Its exposed rear section is just right for carrying any size of cargo. The enclosed cabin is useful for protecting the driver and passenger from the elements during the drive.

One of the producers of high quality vehicles, trucks in particular is GMC. This manufacturer is a division of the largest carmaker in the world — General Motors. However, GMC is not only known for trucks but also for diverse vans and trucks. One of the trucks they have produced is the GMC K35 that is based from the C/K line that was launched primarily in 1962. The C/K is a line comprised of full-size pickup trucks that wherein the c is designated as two-wheel drive and the K as four-wheel drive trucks.

In 1983, the GMC K35 was produced in two body styles — the 2-door regular cab and the 2-door crew cab. Several engines were provided for like the 5.7L V 8, 6.2L V 8, 7.4L V 8 and 4.8L Inline 6. Transmissions were 3 and 4-speed manual. These features were still the same in the following years and it was only in 1984 when they did not anymore give further option for the transmission and only the 4-speed manual was made available. Because of these features, the GMC K35 is capable of providing excellent road performance. Safety is also provided in this vehicle through the powerful braking system it is built with. With this feature, the driver is given control over the truck's acceleration.

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