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GMC is a brand of vehicles that has always and incessantly been described as the "Professional Grade". At present, this brand of vehicle is the truck manufacturing division of General Motors Corporation. But before this brand became a part of General Motors Corporation, it has been known first as the Grabowski Motor Company. The Grabowski Motor Company manufactures the earliest commercial trucks in the auto world. In 1909, General Motors purchases this line of automobiles. Now, GMC does not only produce and manufacture trucks, pickup trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles but series of vans as well.

A van is expected to transport volumes of goods and groups of people; it is an ideal buddy for a huge family and businessmen. For this reason, General Motors has produced scores of vans for North America in different platforms and nameplates. Its strongest competitor is the Ford Econoline lineup of vans. Among the vans that were produced by GMC are the Safari, Savana, Vandura, all these three has become the crowd's favorite. The GMC Savana offered a variety of trims and so with the GMC Safari and GMC Vandura.

The GMC G1500, G2500, and the G3500 are under the GMC Savana while the GMC G25 is under the GMC Vandura. The GMC G25 was offered in two body styles: the 2-Dr Cargo van and the 2-Dr Passenger van. The GMC G25 possesses a good number of amazing features that really captured the hearts of van aficionados. For better or for worse, the GMC G25's safety features can be relied on. Its interior and exterior features are excellently designed. Beyond doubt, the GMC G25 is truly astounding.

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