GMC G15 Parts & Accessories

GMC G15 is a new vehicle model made and produced by General Motors under the marque of GMC. This GMC G15 is included in the second generation of vans that was produced from 1970 to 1996 by General Motors. The second generation was a lineup of full-sized vans with a short nose and hood. The GMC Vandura is the best example of this GMC G15. This GMC G15 followed model of the full-size engine-forward, which is the Ford Econoline. The engine was placed forward of the driver with a short nose and hood. Suspension parts and engines came from the Chevrolet and GMC C-series pickups. This GMC G15 can be both a cargo and a passenger van.

GMC G15 together with its counterpart the Chevrolet G20 and GMC Vandura replaced the earlier General Motors flat nosed of Van.. The base model sported a small block 262 4.3 liter engines, using a SWB Body Type. The short wheelbase vans measured 110 inches, while the long wheelbase was 125 inches. Decade later, all GMC van models including GMC G15 were given new rear view mirrors on the drivers and passenger doors. And in 1990, GMC vans had a welded-on body extension; and a 133-inch wheelbase was introduced on that same year. A new longer nose and four head light design was introduced in 1995. Unfortunately, in 1997 General Motors replaced all GMC G-series with the Express and Savana models. These two currently hold 44.8% of the full-size van market in the United States. The Express and Savana had updated after 2003, their sheetmetal similar to the GMT800 light trucks and SUVs, and at the same time, fitted with the LS engines.

Almost all GMC vans are great vehicles, you may use it either a cargo van or a passenger van. Since then up to now, GMC is very innovative to their products. From the very start, GMC vehicles have always been known for their great style and designs. Until now, the same distinctiveness uses by GMC on their every vehicle they make. Equipped with premium and high performance GMC parts, every GMC vehicle is designed to perform with power and to outlast everything with toughness.

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