Ford Ranchero Parts & Accessories

Ford Motor Company crafted a unique car or pickup, whichever way you would want to see it, in the Ford Ranchero. It was unique in a sense that it is the first car of its kind ever manufactured during the post war era. It became an instant hit to the car buyers and became so successful, prompting General Motors to create a similar model that came to be called the Chevrolet El Camino.

The Ford Ranchero was manufactured and sold by the Ford Motor Company from 1957 to 1979. It was the first car-based pickup that Ford has manufactured and also the first of its kind in the entire car market. It took various body styles and platforms through the year, depending on the existing car line-up had for a certain year.

The first Ford Ranchero models were based on the Ford Fairlane, then Ford's entry in the full-size car division. It was available in utilitarian standard model and in the Ford Ranchero Custom model. It shared the same parts and accessories with all the other Ford Fairlane models.

In 1960, the Ford Ranchero became smaller and was based on the body platform of the compact Ford Falcon. Just as the previous years, its mechanical and body parts were shared with the car model from which it was based. In 1967, it was based on the mid-size Ford Fairlane and on the succeeding years was based on the Ford Torino. The car was last manufactured in 1979 and by that time was in the Ford Thunderbird/LTD body, which it used since 1977.

The style that Ford introduced for the Ford Ranchero attracted many car buyers in the past. Now, the Ford Ranchero is a prized collectible, although its popularity has been surpassed by the Chevrolet El Camino which was manufactured for a few more years after the decline of the Ranchero. There have been many plans to revive the said style, including the current offering of the Subaru Baja.

Sharing most of its parts with other Ford models like the Ford Fairlane, Torino, Falcon, Thunderbird and LTD, one may think that it's safe to install parts made for the said models into their Ford Ranchero. To be sure, however, install on it only parts specifically made for the Ford Ranchero. Here at Parts Train, we maintain a complete and comprehensive inventory of Ford Ranchero parts where you can select the auto parts and mechanical parts you need to install on your car. All the parts we offer here on our site are guaranteed of first-rate quality and premium performance.