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The Ford Mustang is undoubtedly the most successful and popular car that Ford has ever produced. Ford had never gained such momentous success with their other cars that came before and after the Ford Mustang. It was introduced way back in the mid-60s and yet, the nameplate is still popular up to this day.

The Ford Mustang was the first of its kind when it was introduced in the middle of 1964 as a 1964 ½ model. It was a product of Lee Iacocca's vision to create an affordable car designed specifically for the young car buyers; a market which was non-existent before the Ford Mustang entered the car market. The car indeed was an instant hit for the car buyers, and Ford ended up manufacturing and selling nearly 1.5 million Ford Mustangs in a period of just two years.

The success of the Ford Mustang muscle car, or pony car, design prompted other car manufacturers, especially Ford's biggest competitors like GM and Chrysler, to create similar cars. These cars have also created a name for themselves, but none was able to match the success and popularity of the Ford Mustang. Even Ford had tried to create other cars using the design of the Ford Mustang but it none gained the level of success that the Mustang had established.

Ford Motor Company still manufactures and sells the Ford Mustang today, although the style is quite different from the classic Mustangs that the world has known. The classic Ford Mustangs, those manufactured in the 1960s and the 1970s, are now considered as automotive icons and has developed a cult following among owners and collectors. The popularity of the classic Mustangs have greatly helped Ford in selling the current generation of Ford Mustangs.

Sales of the Ford Mustang have continued to be high and the restoration of classic Ford Mustangs has been a popular hobby. Dedicated in giving you all the auto parts you need, we at Parts Train have decided to offer a wide selection of Ford Mustang parts in the net. Here at Parts Train, you'll get all the Ford Mustang auto parts you need, from restoration parts for the classic Ford Mustangs to performance parts for the current generation of Ford Mustangs. Equip with our high quality auto parts, your Ford Mustang, old or new, would certainly perform at its best.