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The Ford Maverick must have been the most successful car that Ford has created after the Ford Mustang. After the Ford Mustang, there has been a drought in the sales of Ford, with new cars falling behind the success of the muscle car. The Ford Maverick was the only car that was able to end this drought by registering a first year sales record that matched and even surpassed that of the Ford Mustang.

The Ford Maverick was a line of front engine, rear-wheel drive compact cars introduced by Ford in 1969. Upon introduction, it only came as a two-door sedan while the other models sprung out in the succeeding years. The 4-door Sedan appeared in 1971 along with a special Grabber trim and corporate twin Mercury Comet. More specially named trims appeared in succeeding years, like the Sprint and the LDO in 1972 and the Stallion in 1976, although all of them lasted only for one year. Only the four-door sedan lasted until it was last sold in 1977.

The Ford Maverick's introductory success was chiefly attributed to its low introductory price. Another would credit it to the style of the Ford Maverick, which closely resembles the muscle look of the Ford Mustang. The success, however, lasted only for the first few years, as its production and sales slowly declined in the succeeding years. It was able to recover briefly because demands for the car rose during the oil crisis, but the introduction of the similar but larger Ford Granada and Mercury Monarch caused its sales to decline once again. It was dropped from Ford's model line-up in 1978 and was replaced by the Ford Granada/Mercury Monarch pair.

The Ford Maverick became popular largely because of its price and appearance. But not so much has been said about its performance. If you are planning to revive an old Ford Maverick so that you can use it once again, you better give it a complete restoration. Equip it with high quality and high performance Ford Maverick parts that can be found here at Parts Train. Here at Parts Train, we offer a wide selection of Ford Maverick auto restoration and replacement parts that you can equip your Ford Maverick with. We also assure you of quality services each time you choose our shop for your auto parts.