Ford LTD II Parts & Accessories

Ford Motor Company used the Ford LTD for a car model that they released only in North America and Australia. For some car enthusiast consider that the LTD is the abbreviation of "Luxury Trim Decor", however for others it is a limited body style classification for the Galaxie, and it was the primary full-sized model of automobile manufacture in the United States by the Ford Motor Company for model years 1959 through 1974. In Australia, there is at least evidence that it initially stood for "Lincoln Type Design."

In the United States, from 1965 to 1991 a luxury range of large cars wore the LTD. The LTD name debuted as the highest trim level package on the Ford Galaxie 500, but became its own model in 1968. This name Ford Galaxie was persistent for lower levels until 1974. And as of 1977, the name LTD was split and used on two different vehicle lines. The full-size LTD continued, but a rebodied version of the Ford Torino was sold as the Ltd ii. Ford Ltd ii is a mid-size car produced by the Ford Motor Company between way back 1977 and 1979 for the North American market. Both offered coupe, sedan, and wagon body styles. Around 1976, the year when Ford decided to remove the Torino model, subsequently they implemented the successful LTD name for its replacement. As the first and full-size LTD was still on the market, the product planners added an "ii" after the LTD. The Ford Ltd ii was basically a restyled Torino, and continued until 1979.

Two years after its main rival, the Chevrolet Impala, Ford LTD has its downsize model, the new 1979 LTD was seven inches shorter than the old one, and four inches shorter than the Ford Ltd ii. This Ford Ltd ii offered an engine choices were all V8s; the 5.0 L 302 Windsor engine, the 5.8 L 351M engine, the 5.8 L 351 Windsor engine, or the 6.6 L 400 engine. Because of its robust body frame construction and its large and roomy interior, the marque Ford Ltd ii is a popular choice amongst police agencies, primarily in North America, but in US-influenced countries abroad as well.

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