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Gran Torino

Going back to the history of automobile, Gran Torino is one of the living testimonies of the innovative spirit imbibed in every GMC make and model. The year 1968 marked the coming of Ford Gran Torino in the vehicle industry. With body style and features resembling the Fairlane, it was also considered as a muscle car although its performance may not be considered as a muscle car because of the points and areas that need further improvement.

Open to feedbacks and criticisms that can enhance the maximum potentials of each make, GMC made changes on the design of the Torino which later on became an intermediate category vehicle type offered in two-door hardtop as a station wagon, two door convertible, two door fastback and two or four door hardtop. With its added Sports roof option, Gran Torino achieved the muscle car appeal as emphasized by the sporty Talledega like C-pillar and horizontal rear window and curvy classic contours.

Ford produced Gran Torino from years 1968-1976. It was known as Ford's newest bright idea because of the new look and style aimed for all types of car users from various locations and generations. On the heart of its power train is the standard V-8 engine. In 1970, Ford Gran Torini comes with all-new body style and look with lower, wider and longer aerodynamic lines. Stand-out add-ons for this year are the 351 Cleveland engine, Hurst four speed manual transmission, high back bucket seats, ribbon style tachometer, sports slats and rear traction-lok differential.

With the constant changes done for each production, Gran Torino finally gained fame and prestige which later on become one of the most sought-after vehicle makes in the market. Sales soared to new heights and the auto parts and accessories making up the vehicle got lots of attention from auto users, buyers and enthusiasts.