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Ford Galaxie 500

For many decades now, Ford has been known in the automotive industry as one of the top manufacturers of vehicles. In fact, many auto enthusiasts and drivers considered Ford to be the best automaker in the world. Basically, Ford Motor Company is the largest manufacturer of vehicles in the world. The company is the one who introduced large-scale vehicle manufacturing in the industry of cars. And through the years, Ford had already introduced many vehicle models in different designs, trims and platforms. Among such creation was the Ford Galaxie.

The Ford Galaxie was actually a full-sized automobile built by the company in the US. This model was introduced in the year 1959 and lasted until the model year of 1974. This model was also considered as the high volume counterpart of Chevrolet's Impala models. Through the years of Galaxie's existence in the automotive world, there are several specifications and names available not just in the United States but also in some countries where Ford has assembly area. As such, there were high-performance versions of the Galaxie then; these include racing specs and were larger forbear of the muscle car era.

Now, as I've mentioned, the Ford Galaxie existed then in different names. In Brazil, the Ford Galaxie was introduced as the Ford Galaxie 500, Landau and LTD. These were introduced in the Brazilian market from the year 1968 to 1982. However, Ford Galaxie 500 versions in the United States were introduced as early as the year 1962. It was then considered top-line models; bearing larger engine and a triple-carbureted "six-barrel" form.

Like other Ford models, the Ford Galaxie 500 also has its own highlights during its stay in the market. In 1965, the Galaxie 500 was introduced in a stylish and sleek-designed 2-door hardtop; it was then bearing the name Ford Galaxie 500 LTD. A new model was introduced in 1966, the Ford Galaxie 500 7 Litre which carried a Thunderbird V8 engine and was available in convertible body style. The following year, 1967, the Ford Galaxie 500 in 4-door sedan was introduced. This model featured a stylish and improved grille designs while the 1968 model featured horizontal lights.

Though it is no longer in production, the Ford Galaxie 500 still amazes many auto lovers and drivers. Hence, this Ford model is now considered as classic car; an inexpensive classic car at that. And if you're one of the lucky owners of the Ford Galaxie 500, chances are you might need some parts or accessories that can further enhance or restore its beauty and performance. If so, Parts Train is where you should be looking. Parts Train offers great Ford Galaxie 500 auto parts and other products for any of your needs. Here at Parts Train, we've got you covered; whether you're looking for OEM or aftermarket parts for Ford Galaxie 500 vehicles.