Ford Fusion Parts & Accessories

Ford is one of the leading names in the automotive industry. It has now come a long way since it was first launched from a converted wagon factory in 1903. And because of the growing competition in the car industry, Ford continues to introduce innovations to their line of vehicles. These innovations include enhanced safety features, improved engine system, and more efficient transmission system. Aside from these, they continue to produce high performance Ford models to cater to the changing taste of the buying public. These new models are fully-equipped with high-quality engine and performance parts, exhaust parts, emission parts, and even auto body parts. And one of these Ford models is the Ford Fusion.

Ford Fusion refers to two different types of cars: the European Ford Fusion and the North American Ford Fusion. The European Ford Fusion is an estate which is marketed by Ford in Europe and in India. This looks similar to a sedan but with an extended rear cargo area. This has an increased body height so this is more convenient, roomier, and more comfortable for tall drivers and passengers. The North American Ford Fusion, on the other hand, is a mid-size car which replaced the Ford Taurus. This is equipped with 2.3 L Duratec 23 I4 or 3.0 L Duratec 30 V6 engine and 6-speed Aisin automatic or 5-speed Mazda manual or automatic transmission. But whether it's European or American, Ford Fusion is still considered as one of the most handsome cars with a clean and comfortable interior, presentable exterior, and fully functional parts and other sub-components.

Owning a Ford Fusion is a wise investment considering all its features and efficient engine and transmission systems. With its 4 cylinder engine and 5 to 6- speed manual transmissions, you'll have adequate power for your driving needs. Aside from that, its features including power windows, air conditioning, sound system, cruise control, and door locks and mirrors provide you with the level of comfort that you expect from riding a Ford Fusion. And if you want to integrate add-ons like anti-lock brakes and side air bags, you can get them at cheaper prices to have a safer and more comfortable driving or riding experience.

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