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In 2000, the Ford Motor Company decided to give the American car buyers a taste of European style by introducing the Ford Focus. But unlike the European cars that Ford had introduced in the past, the Ford Focus is a success and is widely appreciated by the American car buyers. It had garnered many awards and recognitions for five years straight, and that means it was popular ever since it was first introduced.

The Ford Focus was actually first introduced in 1998, not in North America but in Europe. The car's design was based heavily on other Ford cars made in Europe, specifically the Ford Mondeo. It is this European design that gave the Ford Focus a great handling capability and a comfortable ride.

Being a big success in the European market, Ford finally decided to launch it in North America in 2000. It replaced the Ford Escort which, by the way, was also a European success. But unlike the Ford Escort, or the earlier Ford Pinto, the Ford Focus came without a Mercury twin.

Available in 3- and 5-door hatchback, sedan and wagon body styles, the Ford Focus offers the most number of body style choices in its line-up. The ZX3 and ZX5 hatchbacks, ZX4 and ZX4 ST sedans and the ZX5 wagon makes up the entire Ford Focus model line-up. It also boasts of three powerful engine choices, starting with the 136 hp Duratec 20 I4, the 130 hp Duratec 20E I4 and the 156 hp Duratec 23 I4. A 5-speed manual transmission is standard for all trims while a 4-speed automatic shift is available for units equipped with either Duratec 20 or Duratec 20E engines.

Like the other Ford cars designed and manufactured in Europe, the Ford Focus boasts of a comfortable ride and a class leading handling characteristic. These characteristics must have been the reason why the Ford Focus is very popular not only in the European and North American market but also in other countries where the car is sold, like Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

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